Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rostie Tech to the Rescue

Here is a great tid-bit that a happy client wrote on their blog for the Tech Rescue. Enjoy!

So my computer isn’t broken anymore, thanks to Chris Ciavarella from Rostie Tech Rescue. Yay Chris! Rostie Tech Rescue rules!
Their ad in the Yellow Pages reads, “we come to you, on short notice” and it’s totally true! I called and left them a voicemail on Sunday, they called me back Monday mor
ning so I could explain what in the name of god was wrong with my damn computer, and they were totally at my place by 2:30pm the same day … and with replacement parts in tow! At which point, Chris opened up the machine and figured out that my power supply was a 450w but he’d only brought a 430w, so he went to the store, picked up a 500w and brought it back. Then, the gigantor fan I had installed last year was impeding the installation of the new power supply, so Chris thought it best to bring the machine back to the office so he could disassemble it and install everything proper. Which he did, in less than an hour! He promptly returned with my now-properly-functioning machine and plugged it all back in for me! Magic!
It was the smoothest tech support experience I’ve ever had. EVAR! I definitely recommend this company. Top drawer! (And their rates are totally reasonable too.)
Thank u Rostie Tech Rescue heroes! :)

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