Thursday, May 22, 2008

Live Video Reception

Rostie Tech Rescue Installs First Real-Time Live Video Reception

In another case of futuristic ideas becoming reality, Live Video Reception has arrived. Rostie Tech Rescue has utilized cutting-edge video conferencing technology to create the first Live Video Reception system for The Rostie Group’s Airport Executive Offices in the Toronto area. The team at Rostie Tech Rescue has created a system to connect reception areas via live video feed. Now companies can maximize the value of reception/support staff more effectively through video technology.

Live Video Reception (LVR) positions the main reception desk to greet and assist visitors in other reception areas, just as if she/he was sitting in front of them. A camera and screen in each reception is set up as a live audio/video interface between the two areas. The main receptionist can see visitors arriving in the second area and can greet them as she/he would someone entering the main reception. Visitors see a video monitor with a live person, who can answer their questions in real time, announce them to the party they are to see, etc. Where appropriate, the visitor is asked if they would like to take a seat and if they would like coffee, water, etc. If they wish to be served, an administrative staff member can bring them a beverage.

Companies can benefit from LVR in a variety of different ways: Financially, the LVR can replace an “extra" receptionist, saving the company the cost of a full salary for a one-time cost that is a fraction of an annual administration wage. For customer service, reception areas are never left unattended and centralized reception means better information on foot traffic, with less hand-off of details. Employees/tenants can more easily check on their visitors, as the system allows them to connect online to view the reception area.

Live Video Reception is a great idea for companies where constantly staffing a reception desk can be an onerous proposition. Corporations with offices on multiple floors, or where there are several entrances (main desk, shipping/receiving, etc.) can more efficiently attend to visitors.

Additionally, many companies are seeing the value of Pandemic Planning. The LVR makes it possible to staff a reception area easily in the event of labour shortages. Connections can be set up between a reception screen and any manned area within the offices, or even offsite. The technology can be adapted to meet the special needs of many staffing scenarios.

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