Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Many Benefits of Telepresence

As we prepare for the arrival of The Rostie Group's state-of-the-art Telepresence videoconferencing system, a common question from our clients is "What exactly is Telepresence?". Telepresence technology is one of those things that is much easier to show than explain. Once experience it first-hand, you will immediately understand why Telepresence has the almost limitless potential to change the way the world conducts business. Usually when a client asks us about Telepresence, we refer them to one of the many very engaging demonstration videos available online, however, Entrepreneur magazine has just published an article which also does a nice job of summarizing the many benefits this unique technology.

Below is a great excerpt from the Entrepreneur Magazine article...

"Have you ever tried to shake hands with a business partner sitting directly across from you, even though you know he's in his own office 2,000 miles away? Telepresence makes you want to do just that. It's no hallucinatory drug, though the sensory experience it provides via ultra-realistic, life-size videoconferencing does make it seem as if someone spiked your java. it's like interacting with a hologram from "Minority Report."

Telepresence is souped-up videoconferencing , complete with giant high-def screens, powerful codecs, multi-aspect cameras and enriched audio speakers. The gear is offered by companies such as Polycom, Cisco Systems, Tandberg, Lifesize Communications and others. Service packages are available from the likes of AT&T and other business providers that provide videoconferencing.

While basic videoconferencing has been around for decades, it never really took off due to clunky equipment, glitchy performance, poorly synchronized video and audio. It was nothing like meeting someone in person. Telepresence is as close as it gets.
The recession makes a pretty good case for telepresence: Companies need to cut travel costs but also need to keep globalizing to reach new partners and customers."

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Also, check out this promotional video from Polycom. The Rostie Group will soon be installing a full-sized system similar to what you see at the 1:37 mark during the video.

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