Monday, August 25, 2008

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Computer Healthy

Now that you’ve enjoyed a great summer and you feel ready to take on new challenges, why not make sure your computer is ready to back you up?

Here’s a quick and easy computer health checklist:

1. Make sure all important files and information are stored securely in more than one place. For example, save to your hard drive and to an external disk or drive.
With proper back-up lost files can always be retrieved.
2. Complete a thorough computer scan. A proper diagnosis can help you detect viruses or spyware that may be lurking, slowing your computer down.
3. To protect your computer on an ongoing basis, install and update virus/spyware protection software.
4. Remove unused software. Most computers come with pre-installed programs, which you will never use. Delete them, so they don’t eat up memory.
5. Perform a file clean-up. Defragment your computer; remove cookies and temporary files. Most systems will walk you through this process.
6. Update your operating system. This will ensure that your system can accommodate new software and perform efficiently to current standards.
7. Maintain your hardware. Make sure everything is running properly, fans are operating, moving parts are clean and components are protected against possible power surges.
8. Add memory to maximize your computer’s processing speed. Running programs “eat” memory. Feed it the same way you would yourself.
9. Make sure you have effective internet security by maintaining firewalls and passwords, especially if you use a wireless connection. There is no such thing as “safe surfing”.
10. Seize the day. File emails into organized folders and delete emails that do not require your attention. Keep your inbox clutter-free.

It takes very little effort to give your computer the attention it needs.
One last tip, though: when working on your computer, click “NO” if you’re unsure. It is better to ask a professional than to be sorry later. For more information or questions go to or call Rostie Tech Rescue at (416) 915 - TECH (8324)

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